Unreleased Crash Bandicoot Level Heads to N. Sane Trilogy as DLC

If you think Crash Bandicoot is already hard then you’re in for a surprise. During the San Diego Comic-con today Activision announced that a previously unfinished, unreleased level from the original game has been updated and is now available as DLC for the N. Sane Trilogy.

Originally created by Naughty Dog, Stormy Ascent was intended to be included in the first game. Stormy Ascent is a tower climbing level that featured stormy weather (duh), environmental obstacles, and some well placed enemies. But, after some testing the level was deemed to difficult and ultimately removed from the game. Only a few people that hacked the original game have ever played the level.

Fortunately that is no longer the case. Stormy Ascent has been updated and was added to the PlayStation store earlier today. The level is available as a free DLC, but is only for a limited time. After 30 days the DLC will no longer be free and will cost $2.99 USD. So you better act fast.

A trailer was released alongside the announcement to showcase the level. After watching it you’ll quickly understand why it was never released. I haven’t played the level yet myself, but I can already tell it’s going to make me rage pretty hard.

Stormy Ascent Trailer: