Does World of Warcraft’s new mount finally cross the line?!

If you play World of Warcraft then you know of the game features some pretty imaginative mounts. From dragons to demons, you can pretty much ride anything you encounter in the world. No one can deny that flying through the air on a flaming dragon is awesome, but Warcraft’s latest mount has some wondering if they finally crossed the line.

World of Warcraft: Ur'zul.
Truly a face only a mother could love.

Meet the Shackled Ur’zul. This hideous creature is an artificial demon that you will encounter while fighting against the burning legion. It hates you and you should hate it, honestly please kill it with fire for all our sakes. While at first glance there’s nothing seemingly wrong with the idea of mounting such a beast, a closer look reveals its horrific backstory.

You see the Ur’zul isn’t actually a demon. This creature is the amalgamation of the tortured bodies and souls of slain Broken and Army of the Light soldiers. That’s right, this “thing” is literally the corpses and souls of your allies. It’s a safe bet that this beat’s existence is pure misery and that it would welcome death with open arms.

Now that we know the Ur’zul’s true identity, we need to take another look at the question presented. Does this mount cross some sort of line that shouldn’t be crossed? I argue that it does.

Demons in World of Warcraft.
Legion has introduced us to some pretty memorable demon designs.

The Ur’zhul cannot be treated like any other mount because of its origins. To ride this mount means you’re not only ignoring the fate of your allies and friends, but that you are prolonging their suffering too. Any rational person would make the obvious choice and end the Ur’zul’s life. Anyone who rides it would be more of a monster than the Ur’zul itself. After all, would you want to live in perpetual torment while being mounted by strangers?

One could argue that the beast receives a new purpose by becoming a mount, that it aids adventurers in their quest to save Azeroth. Sadly there are faults with this logic. Just by reading the Shackled Ur’zul’s name you learn that the creature is forced to serve under you. The Ur’zul has no desire to aid you, nor should a purpose be thrust upon it or anyone else for that matter. Additionally, the abomination doesn’t have the intellect to make the choice even if it wanted to. All it knows is that it’s hungry and you look tasty. Again, kill it with fire.

Lightforged Golem: World of Warcraft.
Personally I prefer the Lightforged Golem. I mean who doesn’t want their own Gundam?

Of course this is all a video game that has no real life implications. You are free to think and do as you will in this digital world, with little to no consequences. Honestly I can’t fault Blizzard on their design for the Ur’zul. For a mount it’s pretty unique and bad-ass. I just wish it had a better backstory so I wouldn’t feel so bad riding it. One thing is certain, if I ever turn into such a hideous abomination please kill me.

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