Love to Party But Don’t Have a Console? AirConsole Has You Covered

Most of us love local and split-screen multiplayer, but setting it up is often a hassle. You need a big TV, extra controllers, and friends to play with. While I can’t help you find friends, I can recommend a free app that makes the experience much easier.

Enter AirConsole. This app streams dozens of free games right to your TV or PC. With minimal setup you and your friends can be playing games in no time. The service offers over 75 games to chose from, with new titles being added constantly. Games range from single player to supporting over 16 players, and include a wide variety of genres like racing, party, and puzzle games.

I’ve spent several hours using the service and I must admit it is pretty great. It’s both easy to use and pickup. Perhaps my favorite game on it is Cards and Humanity, the digital version of the hit card game Cards Against Humanity. Though I did rage pretty hard during Battle Snakes. I must be seriously getting old if I can’t hit the damn up key.

But what really impressed me was how the system works. There is no console or controllers, everything is done using your existing technology. Using a PC or Android TV, you simply stream AirConsole onto your living room TV. No need to buy a controller either, with AirConsole your smartphone is the controller. All you have to do is sync up your phone using the code on the screen and that’s it. Honestly I love this feature and wish more developers would embrace it.

AirConsole Smartphone Controllers.
I wasn’t kidding about turning your smartphones into controllers.

While AirConsole is free, it does have ads. These ads can be skipped by subscribing to the service for $2.99 a month. Only one person needs to be a member to skip ads. Of course, the subscription comes with other benefits like early access to new games and in-game content.

I should mention that I am not a partner for the service nor do I receive a referral fee. I simply like the concept behind AirConsole and have found it to be enjoyable. Its unique and inventive, and great for any party or social event.

In any case, next time you have a gathering tell everyone to bust out their smartphones. Trust me, you’ll have a blast playing some great indie games and might even make a new friend or two. Or at the very least you’ll pass some time.