Game of Thrones Would Make An Excellent Anime

Game of Thrones Would Make An Excellent Anime

Whether you watch it for the dragons, the White Walkers, or to see who Cersei kills next, you are undoubtedly familiar with Game of Thrones. As we near the end of the main series, HBO has begun discussing the possibility of a spin-off series, much to the delight of their fans. It’s a safe bet to assume that any spin-off would be a live-action adaptation, but what if it wasn’t? This may sound crazy, but I believe animation could prove to the perfect medium for the spin-off.

Animation as in anime? Exactly! Anime has become an increasingly popular storytelling style, with fans across the globe. Entertainment outlets are regularly embracing animated adaptions, with the video game Castlevania being the most recent example. As an anime, Castlevania was able to tell a complex and compelling story surprisingly well, especially if you compare it video game movies which are often utter garbage. I’m looking at you Super Mario Bros.

Screenshot of Castlevania anime.
Castlevania was amazing. If you haven’t seen it go watch it now!

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Game of Thrones as an anime either. There are already dozens of blood drenched, fantasy animes that have proven quite popular. Attack on Titan, Fate/Zero, and Berserk are only a few that come to mind. In fact, I challenge you to find any FYE that doesn’t have a dedicated Attack on Titan section. Anime is more popular than ever, most notably with younger audiences. Besides, there are already several Game of Thrones video games, so is an anime so far-fetched?

Using an animated style could actually benefit Game of Thrones. You would never have to worry about actors aging, dying, or holding out for more money. After all, It’s hard to replace a main character’s actor, but it’s easy to replace his/her voice. Animation could also open a wide range of possibilities for special effects, including magic and demons. Just imagine some of the spectacular imagery we could witness. Suddenly dragon fire and White Walkers wouldn’t seem so special. Let’s just hope that if HBO does make an anime that it doesn’t use Berserk’s animation style. I mean seriously, look at it. No, just no.

Screenshot of Berserk anime.
For all that is sacred, please burn it with fire!

Of course, animation does have its drawbacks. Producing an anime is a very is a long, complicated process, and is often more expensive to produce compared to live-action. Additionally, anime doesn’t appeal to as wide of an audience as live-action does. While it is popular with younger viewers, the style will probably confuse and turn away older ones.

Animated or not, HBO has proven quite adept in developing visually stunning and captivating television shows. While I seriously doubt that HBO will utilize animation in any prequels or spin-offs, I remain hopeful that perhaps one day they will. But one thing is certain: whatever they do you can bet it’s going to be epic.